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Red River Valley AFC
Kilcona SC
Colo Colo
Brandon Inspire FC
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Lucania FC
F.C. Russia
Landmark F.C.
Bonivital United
Kildonan Cavaliers
United Nova F.C.
Fusion F.C.
Winnipeg Phoenix FC
Grunthal Soccer Club
G.o.D. FC
Friday Night Dingers
Blizzard Soccer Club
Borussia Dortmund
Crescent Saturday Soccer Club
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Hellas S.C.
Grant Mill Sword Soccer Club
NKMB Saints
FC Winnipeg Lions

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Looking to join (or re-join) the Manitoba Major Soccer League for the 2015 season? Click Here!

The Manitoba soccer community and the Manitoba Major Soccer League has lost a friend in LOUIS RAPLH (BUD) SHERMAN.

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